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Hi, there, I’m thebookish, of course it is a nickname duh!

I’m a web enthusiast and have great interest in web design and coding. I have done a variety of websites, themes and templates. as I work as a freelance, the fact that I have never took any college course on web design and That internet and Self learning has been my tools to learn this. So always walk that extra mile on my projects and mostly give it another couple. Trying to make everything as perfect as possible. Trying to follow best practices and Web standards. You could always find me around Digitalpoint or doing a couple of contests on Sitepoint

So if you want anything done. have a look at my services page to see what I do, My portfolio to see What I have done. and Contact me and we will take it from there.

If you’re here for the themes templates and ideas. have tour a round and download as much as you like, I hope you will Enjoy your stay.

Oh, yeah. about the nick name, I didn’t choose it because it means that I read a lot of books or love books - although I do - but because of one of it less used meanings That I have learned so much from books than I have from real live.

I would love what you have to say, and I love to see my Inbox full every morning, So why don’t you drop me a line

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